School uniform plays a valuable role by: setting an appropriate tone; instilling pride; supporting positive behaviour and discipline; encouraging identity with, and support for, the academy ethos; ensuring pupils of all races and backgrounds feel welcome; protecting children from social pressures to dress in a particular way; and, nurturing cohesion and promoting good relations between different groups of pupils. We believe, therefore, that school uniform supports effective teaching and learning.

Pupils attending Park Academy are required to wear a uniform as follows.

All children will wear:-

  • White Polo Shirt, preferably with the school logo but can be plain
  • Navy Blue Sweatshirt and / or Navy Blue Fleece Jumper, preferably with the school logo but can be plain
  • Grey Trousers, Grey Skirts or Navy Blue Checked dresses
  • Plain Black formal leather flat shoes (no trainers)
  • Black, Grey or white Socks or tights.


Please note: black clothing is not part of the academy uniform. Our Academy colours are Navy and White, with Grey Trousers/skirts.

Uniforms can be purchased from:

Nationwide School Uniforms 01790 754522



No jewellery other than a wristwatch may be worn. Children may wear a single stud earring in each ear.



Hair must be kept tidy. As an academy we pride ourselves in a smart appearance. Long hair is encouraged to be tied back.


Physical Education:

* Navy tracksuit bottoms or shorts

* Polo shirt, white with school logo* Black plimsolls (indoor) and trainers (outside).

See more details of sport kit here