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Radio Superstars

Spreading Park Academy Christmas cheer on our local radio station Endeavour FM – well done to our school choir club!

Science is so much fun!

Year 4 have been exploring air resistance. They created parachutes of different sizes to test whether they made objects fall faster or slower. Well done year 4

Newsflash - Year 2 find alien rocket on school field

When Year 2 came into school on Monday, Mr Wright came to inform us that he had found something on the field! We went outside and to our surprise we found… an alien and a space rocket!!  Where had this rocket come from? How did the alien get here? The children had some many questions, […]

Making autumn slime in year 1

Year 1 have followed instructions for how to make autumn slime! We will use our Talk 4 Writing skills to learn how to say and then write our own autumn slime instructions!

Celebrating Harvest Festival

Park Academy would just like to say a big thank you to Rev Val of the Centenary Church in Boston  for hosting our Harvest Festival assembly this morning and also to our very generous families for the donations received.  The donations will be shared between the Centenary, Centre Point and the Restore Church

Bikeability in Year 5

Year 5 took part in a road safety cycling course with Outspoken Training last week. The children were fantastic and enjoyed learning how to ride their bikes safely on the road.

Year 5 Trip to Kidzania London

What an amazing day for year 5 – a visit to Kidzania London! KidZania London is an interactive indoor city made for children aged 4 -14. From an airline pilot to a surgeon, firefighter to a radio DJ, children can work, play, earn and learn whilst having fun in a range of role play activities.

Celebrating Easter in Reception

Bumblebee and Ladybird classes took part in an Easter bonnet parade – what beautifully decorated bonnets!

Circle Life of a Chick with Reception

  Today in CLL we had circle time to discuss the life cycle of a chick 🐣 and what differences we have noticed over the past 5 days. The children were able to explain and understand that the chick came from the eggs which were in the incubator. The children have also noticed that the […]

Teaching our adults about chicks in reception

This afternoon during our story time with parents, our session was based on the chicks. We had a lovely time sharing our experience and knowledge of the chicks from the hatching process. Children and parents were able to hold the chicks and be part of this amazing opportunity at Park Academy.