EYFS Curriculum: Reception


Our aim is for children to have a wealth of opportunities that will enable them to become confident speakers, considerate and effective learners, socially aware and emotionally literate. We are determined that everyone, regardless of their starting points, is supported to be successful in their reading. Children will be empowered to drive their own learning forwards, developing curiosity and interest in the world around them. They will be prepared for learning beyond the Early Years through developing a resilient attitude towards problem solving and challenge. Children will build positive relationships with food, fitness and wellbeing enabling them to lead happy, healthy lives.
We will work closely with families and preschool settings to ensure that we have a clear understanding of children’s starting points and previous experiences. All children will be challenged and supported regardless of this.
Our ambitious curriculum will be delivered through a mixture of adult led and child-initiated learning activities based on children’s interests, their next steps in terms of child development and guidance from the revised framework and development matters.
Real life experiences will be provided for the children including but not limited to visiting the woods to observe seasonal changes, frequent opportunities to cook and bake, visitors to school and engagement with the local community.
As EYFS practitioners we will construct positive relationships with children that are built on mutual respect. We will engage with the children in a language rich environment, using high quality interactions which support their communication skills. At Park Academy, we use a consistent approach to Phonics and recognise the importance of early reading.
Children will be supported to understand their own feelings and develop strategies to regulate them. Planned circle time sessions with a personal, social and emotional focus will promote children’s well-being and understanding of their own and others’ emotions.
Children will have daily opportunities to explore both an indoor and outdoor environment which will facilitate learning across all areas of our curriculum. These environments will promote healthy lifestyles and a knowledge and understanding of where our food comes from. Children will foster their sense of curiosity, awe and wonder when exploring their natural environment. They will be encouraged to be inventive and explorative in their play whilst identifying and managing risks.
We will provide progressive experiences and teaching sequences through well planned activities that promotes learning in all areas.
We will ensure that learning is fun and engaging and we will strive to ignite a life-long love of learning in children.
Having provided all children with the rich and broad curriculum in EYFS, they will have the knowledge, skills and positive attitudes to learning which enable them to meet their full potential as they progress on their educational journey.

Please find our Early Years Long Term plan available here

2021-2022 EYFS LTP