At Park Academy, we work to ensure children receive the very best. We want them to have limitless opportunities to explore and learn as well as concentrated time working with experienced adults. This way, we know our children will develop the excitement necessary to learn, the confidence to develop their skills and the structure and support necessary for children to feel safe and cared for.


Below is a breakdown of what a normal school day may look like for your child. While the provision changes regularly, we hope this provides a brief overview of what to expect.


School Gates Open: 8:40am

Children should be present in their classrooms by 8:50am and during this time, adults are available to speak to parents and receive any updates.






At Park Academy, we learn phonics through Letters and Sounds. This teaches us all the letter sounds we need to use to become successful readers and writers.

To ensure children receive a structured approach to phonics, we follow the Little Wandle scheme of learning.








Throughout each day, both inside and outside, the children have the opportunity to play and explore the resources. Play is an essential part of the early years and of a child’s development. When in play, children practise new ideas and skills, they take risks, show imagination and solve problems on their own or with others.









These lessons will support your child in developing their ability to write, beginning with the forming of pencil grip and early letter formation. It may sound tricky but our children love working on their literacy skills, forming birthday cards, invitations, story sentences and more.

Snack & Break

Every child in reception is provided with milk and a healthy snack in the form of fruit or vegetables before receiving the opportunity to play with friends in a supported manner.







We begin our work with reception by working on our counting skills utilizing nursery rhymes, games and teacher interaction. We work to ensure there is a wide variety of practical resources across each classroom that children will use during Worktime lessons and throughout the day.







We eat our lunch in the dining hall every day. There is a wide variety of food available with many healthy meals to choose from which accommodate a range of dietary needs.

There are many adults present in the hall during this time to support younger children to use knives and forks.





Curriculum Group Work: 

Children receive daily opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them, foster their sense of curiosity, and grow their imagination and creativity.






Fine Motor Skills:

As soon as children start school, they are provided with ample opportunities to develop their fine motor skills through Playdough, threading, painting, messy play. All of these opportunities support pupils in developing their hand strength, grip, control which are all essential pre-writing skills.







Class Story:

To finish the day, pupils always enjoy sharing a story together.






Pick up: 3:10pm