At Park Academy, we work to ensure children receive the very best. We want them to have limitless opportunities to explore and learn as well as concentrated time working with experienced adults. This way, we know our children will develop the excitement necessary to learn, the confidence to develop their skills and the structure and support necessary for children to feel safe and cared for.


Below is a breakdown of what a normal school day may look like for your child. While the provision changes regularly, we hope this provides a brief overview of what to expect.

School Gates Open: 8:40am

Register: 8:50-9:00am

This is the time in which pupils settle into learning beginning with a clear routine of checking the date, time and weather alongside other small games and activities.

Phonics: 9:05-9:20am

This lesson is taught daily so that our children develop the knowledge necessary to become early readers.

Worktime: 9:20-10:00am

Throughout the day, your reception child will have several opportunities to experience the ever-changing provision in place at Park Academy. They may be playing outside, painting, completing puzzles or construction, creating stories or working together with adults in small groups so that every child is supported appropriately. Through our provision, even the children ‘playing’ are developing, whether this be their understanding of the world, their physical development or their ability to communicate and use language. This also forms a key part of the day in which adults will document your child’s learning, providing you with updates regularly through the Tapestry application.

Literacy: 10:00-10:30am

These lessons will support your child in developing their ability to write, beginning with the forming of pencil grip and early letter formation. It may sound tricky but our children love working on their literacy skills, forming birthday cards, invitations, story sentences and more.

Snack & Break 10:30-11:00am

Every child in reception is provided with milk and a healthy snack in the form of fruit or vegetables before receiving the opportunity to play with friends in a supported manner.

Maths: 11:00-11:30am

We begin our work with reception by working on our counting skills utilizing nursery rhymes, games and teacher interaction. We work to ensure there is a wide variety of practical resources across each classroom that children will use during Worktime lessons and throughout the day.

Worktime: 11:30-11:50am

Children at this point in the day continue to resume their work exploring the provision and working with adults. This helps ensure every child has the opportunity to have a level of choice and engage in child-initiated play while also having time with adults across the year group to develop their learning.

Lunch: 11:50am-12:50pm

Curriculum Group Work: 12:50-1:00pm

Worktime & Other Learning: 1:00-2:45pm

During this time, pupils may be asked to explore or work with adults but they may also work on a variety of other skills. Lessons during this time may include ICT (technology), Physical Education (PE), Religious Education (RE) and PSHE (Physical, Social and Emotional Education).

Fine Motor Skills: 2:45pm-3:00pm

Class Story: 3:00-3:15pm

Pick up: 3:15pm